Team Draius was the team founded under Draius, the Slowking. Team Draius ran with Draius as the leader/teacher, with three students: Beetle, Barth, and Abel.

Origin Edit

Draius traveled alone with his son, a Slowbro named Barth. After the passing of their beloved wife and mother, the two ventured out to find a new home. Draius was teaching his son how to use his psychic abilities on their journey. While along the way, the pair ran into two young outcasts around the age of the Slowking's son.

Abel was shunned by her former community. She was living in a cavern away from her people, as her future-seeing abilities were ridiculed and crucified her. The pair game across her when she stole into the village to steal something to eat for her own survival. After she was stopped by the duo, they had her explain her situation to them. Feeling pity for the girl, they shared rations of food with her, then started back on their way. Before they could, she forecasted something to them. That there was a cloven land that would prosper after the arrival of a psy father and son. Draius for an unknown reason turned to the girl and invited her along where she would be kept safe. Grateful, the girl joined them.

Over there journey Abel was encouraged to continue her prophecies by the Slowking. One morning she saw in a vision a beetle who had a heart of gold. That he would be the demise of a 'great one's' true love. Later they met a Heracross named Beetle. The boy was giving out warm scarves and socks to homeless Pokemon in the outskirts of a large community. Seeing good in him, Draius decided the group should stay back and help the poorer people of the area. It has turned out the community had been struck by disaster, which caused poverty. After helping the people regain their composure, the group got ready to head out. Beetle requested to come along, which Draius accepted proudly, telling the boy he would love a disciple with such a pure heart.

Slowking helped them hone their abilities. He explained that they needed to become stronger if they wanted to help the world against people of lesser morals. He strength trained with Beetle, soon the Heracross able to break tree trunks and smash boulders with his physical prowess. He taught Abel how to focus her foggy dreams into vivid realizations and prophecies. Lastly, he taught his son how to use his psychic prowess. Soon the Slowbro could bend metal with his mind. The Slowking was proud of his students.

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